Media Diary

Some days my media usage is little to none, other days I am glued to my monitors. Most days, it looks like this:

5:30 AM

I wake up, turn off my alarm and my eyes await the notifications that have filled my screen overnight. I turn off my red tint/screen iPhone filter that I put on in the evening to ease my eyes before bed.

I have seen drastic improvements in my sleep quality and ability to stay asleep since making subtle changes to my technology usage. Shifting my schedule earlier in the day for summer has helped me find an organic rhythm to my productivity, and limit my screen time.

My morning are as tech-free as possible. I make an active effort to start my days off my phone.

8:00 AM

By now, I am sitting down with my coffee or tea and tackling my emails, call, texts, and alike. This is also a time I like to schedule any meetings or errands. It is early enough for me to have energy for tasks of all kinds.

Now with school in full swing, this is also my favorite time for studying and watching video/lectures. In between the educational stuff, I will scroll through my Spotify playlists to find something upbeat and energetic to listen to in the meantime.

11:00 AM

My stomach is growling by this time and letting me know that either a late breakfast or lunch is due. If I do not have a go-to meal idea, I will take this time to check out some Pinterest recipes and see what sounds appetizing.

3:30 PM

This is right about when my internal clock tells me it is time to get off the work/school grind for the day and move around some more. Lately, we have taken this part of the day to fix and organize the undone areas of our newly moved-in house – this means time for some YouTube DIY tutorials.

I get to whatever needs to be done in the late afternoon/early evening and hop back on my phone or tablet casually during this time before dinner.

7:00 PM

Dinner is done. I start dishes and my evening cleanup of the many messes of the day, this means Spotify. Normally I pick one of my favorite stations or find something new for the night.

8:00 PM

This is where we transition to our get-ready-for-bed mood. Devices are off unless absolutely necessary. Spotify is off. Record player on.

We lounge out in our living room, pet our dogs and listen to the first side of the vinyl.

Then, we owe ourselves our daily amateur Italian lesson. The tablet comes back out for Duolingo. This is where my media usage ends for the day.

I think it is not so bad these days. My media usage/diet/regime is controlled, never out of hand. Not having social media helps.

As far as credible media sources, I like the The Washington Post and The Economist. Neither are too extravagant with their reader bait (i tend to be bothered by that the most). Most things I read on The Washington Post are well-written and build on older articles. The Economist is very neutral and do not involve bias like some sources I try to avoid as much as possible.

I like reading up on and stayed updated with necessary events, but I do not enjoy sifting through a writer’s personal opinions. Both sources I mentioned seem very credible to me and I would trust most information from either of the two.

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