Community Guidelines

A Place for Meaningful Interactions

Before it is anything else, this is a safe space. Everyone is welcome here with open arms and minds. We will learn and grow from each other and become enlightened in the process.

Online communities should connect people, their ideas, and welcome diversity in all forms. They should always be available to provide inspiration to the public. Conversations between users should be meaningful and always done with inclusivity in mind.

This site intends to thrive on self-expression. With that said, it is an open environment proudly encouraging different points of view. All commenters are expected to act with integrity and respect. Images and information must be your own property, or provided appropriate credit to the original creator.

Leave Negativity at the Door

Negativity is not necessary here as it defies the truest intention of our community. Our users should feel safe to express themselves without the criticism of those less interested.

Offensive behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Any comments deemed inappropriate will be removed immediately. If a user chooses not to act respectfully within the online community, they will be banned from the site entirely. We ask that all users please report any inappropriate or violent content to the admin.