Unreal Reality

Civic imagination has become such a frequent topic in recent years that it has begun to bridge the gap between thinking and doing – which may be the goal. An example I fondly remember is one from Black Mirror, a popular series of stand-alone episodes. The episode I am referring to is called, “Nosedive.” The… Continue reading Unreal Reality

Life as a Label

It appears that the media has become less and less about news and information, and more about opinion and perspective. As white women in her mid-twenties, I have experienced a variety of generalizations even when I did not realize I was being generalized. In the media, we see hate and abuse in every category of… Continue reading Life as a Label

Birtherism, now what?

Even though the title already provided some context to the controversy we are about to unpack, let us begin by defining “birtherism.” According to the well-respected Merriam-Webster Dictionary, birtherism is t “belief in or endorsement of any of various discredited claims that former U.S. president Barack Obama is not a natural-born U.S. citizen and therefore was not… Continue reading Birtherism, now what?

The Public World of Privacy

Each day we open the internet, use its platforms and tools, and immerse ourselves into the digitally seamless world, we become less and less private. Should we be worried? Or, is okay because it has been normalized by society? We can begin answering to this dilemma by reflecting on what we use in a day… Continue reading The Public World of Privacy

Net Neutrality

To be (open and free), or not to be? In the United States, the mission to achieve a free and open internet began roughly around 2007 – politically speaking. This was when President Barack Obama made a commitment to fight for a free and open internet, if elected. His white house website, available here, offers… Continue reading Net Neutrality

Media Diary

Some days my media usage is little to none, other days I am glued to my monitors. Most days, it looks like this: 5:30 AM I wake up, turn off my alarm and my eyes await the notifications that have filled my screen overnight. I turn off my red tint/screen iPhone filter that I put… Continue reading Media Diary